• 29/01/2022

独家专访德铁DB Cargo Eurasia首席运营官Uwe Leuschner

9月 1, 2020

本次探索新丝路对德铁DB Cargo Eurasia首席运营官Uwe Leuschner的专访,我们非常感谢德铁货运中国副总经理唐昊的支持。本次探索新丝路对德铁DB Cargo Eurasia首席运营官Uwe Leuschner的专访,我们非常感谢德铁货运中国副总经理唐昊的支持。

1. TEL was created in 2008, it began Eurasia container trains to and from China since 2011, TEL was pioneer, what happened later? is TEL still existed? 

TEL was a joint-venture, DB Cargo with RZD and Transcontainer as the shareholders. DB Cargo bought the Transcontainer’s and RZD- shares of TEL and made rebranding and reorganization of the company into DB Cargo Eurasia. DB CE take over all resource with a new business-model, bundling all market power and resources of DB on the corridor Europe-Asia. Now TEL doesn’t exist anymore.

TEL之前是一家合资公司。德铁、俄铁和俄铁集是TEL的股东。2018年德铁将俄铁和俄铁集所持的TEL股份收购之后,更名为了DB Cargo Eurasia,德铁货运欧亚公司,并对整个公司的架构进行了调整。DB CE继承了之前TEL的所有资源,并且整合了德铁在欧亚通道上的市场资源。现在TEL这家公司已经不存在了。

2. TEL was strong at the beginning, but it loses its position year by year, in 2018 was renamed after DB Cargo Eurasia, how is the situation right now? What is the purpose of creation of DB Cargo Eurasia? Any special plans to promote Eurasia trains?

The purpose of creation of DB Cargo Eurasia is, we believe there, a huge potential in Eurasia market and we have the ability and confidence to succeed in the future. After the rebranding to DB Cargo Eurasia in 2018, we set up an office in Shanghai in August,2018 and built direct contact relationship with China Rail, DB Schenker China and our clients in China. We hope we can offer the suitable service to clients through the communication with them face to face.

德铁重新整合资源成立DB Cargo Eurasia的原因我们看到了欧亚通道上的市场潜力是巨大的,并且我们有能力和有信心取得成功。2018年8月,我们在上海成立了德铁货运的驻华办事处,并且跟中铁、德铁信可中国和我们的客户建立了直接的联系。我们希望通过与他们的面对面的沟通,为我们的客户量身定制他们所需要的服务。

3. How about the market share of DB Cargo Eurasia, compared to RTSB, FELB etc.? It’s DB Cargo Eurasia an operator or a forwarder?

DB Cargo Eurasia is a carrier and an operator in this corridor. We have our own locomotive and wagons by ourselves. Now our market share is on a steady improvement way.

DB CE在整个亚欧通道上具备承运人和代理人的双重身份。我们拥有自己的车头和车板。目前我们的市场占有率正在稳步增长。

4. How is the Development of Rail freight of DB Cargo Eurasia in recent years?  And can you estimate the total TEU and trains which DB Cargo Eurasia will transport this year? Specifically, EB and WB? And the whole railway business between China and Europe expand rapidly, how will DB Cargo Eurasia do to adjust this kind of rail freight boom?

Last year, DB and CR signed a MOU in Berlin. DB CE as a carrier and operator will run at least 500 block trains in 2019. Because of the rapid improvement of the volume in this corridor, DB Cargo already purchased more and more wagons for Eurasia business to satisfy the clients’ need.

去年德铁和中铁在柏林签署了战略合作协议。DB CE作为承运人及代理人在2019年至少运行500列的中欧班列。随着中欧班列运量的快速增长,德铁特地为欧亚业务采购了更多的车板服务于中欧班列。

5. How many cities are you working with in China? which routes exactly?

We already built up close relationship and cooperation with some platforms. Mainly our sales are coordinated with large forwarding companies, esp. our sister-structures DB Schenker and DB Cargo Logistics. We as DB CE offering our service terminal-terminal via Dostyk/Khorgos-Brest, Dostyk-Dobra, but also via Mongolia and Zabaikalsk/Russia to different cross-border-stations in EU. We are also offering a multimodal solution via Dostyk-Kaliningrad-Rostock with a feeder service on the Baltic Sea.

我们目前已经跟很多平台建立了紧密的合作关系。同时我们的销售也同一些大的货代公司建立了合作关系,比如我们的DB Schenker和DB Cargo Logistics.我们德铁不仅可以为客户提供山口/果斯到马拉的线路服务,同时也能提供从山口到多普拉、蒙古线路以及满洲里线路去欧洲的服务。并且我们最新开发了从山口经由加里宁格勒去罗斯托克的海铁联运方案。

6. All the trains get subsidies from local government, and the whole market seems gradually liberalized, some platforms claim they will survive without subsidy at last. How do you see the subsidy in near future?

Eurasia train still is a new product for the market. The purpose of the subsidies from the local government is to let the market to accept this product step by step. I believe Eurasia train still will be welcome without the subsidy in the future. We are active working on improvement of this product to be compatible in the future.


7. All the trains are dependent on big forwarders, for small logistics companies is difficult, they did not get space guarantee, good price, how does DB Cargo Eurasia balance the small and big logistics companies? 

It’s a forwarder topic. Yes, you are right. The information I got from our sister company, DB Schenker, is same as you mention. In Eurasia train business, we as DB CE are a carrier and operator as a neutral player for everybody.

这是一个关于货代行业的话题。我从我们兄弟公司DB Schenker那边了解到的情况也是如此。在中欧班列业务上,我们DB Cargo Eurasia作为承运人和代理人的中立态度是非常明确的。

8. Any suggestions to improve the existing products for Chinese platforms?

Now most platforms are focused on Duisburg and Hamburg. But as you know, there are hundreds of terminals with good condition in Germany and Europe. We suggest our clients to choose some other terminals to find the destinations according to their client’s need.


9. How do you see the congestion problem between Mala/Brest? 

Every border has its own bottle neck. The congestion of Mala/Brest is a difficulty for all the attendees in this corridor. The congestion will continue for a long time because of the construction of Mala – Poznan – stretch. That’s the reason we always suggest CR and clients to use the new route Rostock-Kaliningrad to avoid the congestion of Mala/Brest. The capacity and condition of Rostock and Kaliningrad are perfect for Eurasia train. The price for this route will not be more expensive than Mala/Brest route, and the duration will not be longer than Mala/Brest especially on high peak time.


10. As far as I know, the railway rate in Germany changes every year, will the price go up year by year?

The railway rate in Germany with DB is stable.