We aim to become one of the most extensive international logistics networks combined with eurasia trains.

What We Do


行业资讯 News

New Silkroad Discovery is on omnichannel and read by transport professionals and decision makers, railway managers and suppliers to the rail industry. Articles about developments of the eurasia trains cover supply chain, E-commerce, infrastructure, operations, logistic real estate, terminal operators, railway undertakings etc.

商务对接 Matchmaking

Sirpioneer e.V. organizes buisness delegations and professional forums in China and Europe with partners, to build an eurasia freight-train Network, an open network of people who are actively engaged in an efficient cooperation in the globalized economy. Demands and supplies from China and Europe are brought together.

智库咨询 Think Tank

Sirpioneer e.V. applies strategy and marketing Know-How about logistic realestate investment, freight terminal locating, buisness network development to clients from all areas around the eurasian trains. Partners include consultings, international companies and organizations, universities, research institutes and private experts.

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